Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing & Police Interaction

Given the gravity of recent events between police and members of the deaf/hard-of-hearing community, we have recently developed a training program for police departments in the United States in order to assist them in becoming an even stronger resource for the under-served populations.

Part of what we cover:

  • What are the norms of Deaf Culture?
  • What does the ADA state if a deaf person requests an interpreter?
  • How to effectively mitigate risk factors when working with the deaf/hard-of-hearing citizens;
  • Communicating with deaf/hard-of-hearing children especially in emergency situations;
  • Learning basic ASL signs/commands that can be utilized in almost any situation.

Our training objectives, guidelines and outline is available upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us at to initiate discussion on how we can best serve your municipality.

Or, if you prefer, you may use our easy-to-use contact form.


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