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On September 26, 2017, Mick was a panelist at the “Breaking the Sound Panel,” an event hosted by University of Connecticut.

“Deaf individuals have struggled through a history of marginalization, with limited opportunities for employment and education among countless other barriers. We at the University of Connecticut are honored to host a vibrant community of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, faculty, and staff. Because the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community has grown, so has the community of ASL users on campus. In an effort to increase awareness across the board about the thriving Deaf and Hard of Hearing community here in Connecticut, this evening will offer you the opportunity to meet Deaf scientists, engineers, doctoral students, psychologists, mathematicians, medical providers, counselors, and just about any other professional field imaginable.” – UCIS

University of Connecticut Interpreting Services (UCIS)



Rachel featured on NPR


Recently, Rachel gave an interview for NPR, discussing a broad range of topics, including the importance of giving deaf children all the tools possible to foster language skills. We were told that this will air sometimes in August 2017 as well as be featured as an article on NPR’s website. Once published, we’ll post the link here.

CCADV – CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


This is a project Rachel has been working on in partnership with the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

She is working with the agency on meeting several objectives such as:

1 – providing American Sign Language translation so that information from the CCADV website is accessible for members of the Deaf community.

– strategically guiding the agency in improving outreach, allowing information/services to be accessed by a wider population, especially D/deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

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We are Rachel and Mick Posner, of Posner Inclusion, LLC. Our goal is to provide services to business to help them achieve growth in all directions by catering to diverse communities. After all, who wouldn’t want to unleash their inner potential?