Travel + Marketing Your Destination


Fact  #1: If you market your destination or business to a particular niche, they will gravitate toward you. It’s common sense.

Fact #2: In the United States alone, there are over 1 million deaf people who use American Sign Language. 15% of the entire population is estimated to have a degree of hearing loss.

Have you thought about tapping into your potential with the Deaf Community?

Fact #3: We travel often and make a lot of our decisions based on how “deaf friendly” a place is. Almost all of our deaf colleagues do the same when it comes to choosing brands.

If a restaurant has a staff or two that knows a little sign language, we’re more likely to return there. If a hotel knows to offer the option of flashing doorbell lights, we’re likely to recommend them to friends and families.

If we had the option of making reservations online or through telephone, 95% of the time, we’ll choose the web-based approach. That’s leveling the playing field.

Fact #4: Traveling/tourism continues to be a thriving industry but to sustain further grow you’ll need to tap in specific communities. Why not start with us?


Marketing Through Specific Context: We provide guidance on how to connect with specific communities through targeted information and advertising.

Our equation is simple: Visual Storytelling + Social Media. 

How? We develop a plan, write/produce context and spread the word through a plethora of avenues. We also love creating high quality photography and publishing them (examples can be found throughout this website.)

We weave your business through the fabrics of communities. You’ll stand out even more.

Say ‘hello’ to new clients and invite them poolside.



So… in a nutshell, our engagement can also include:

  • sponsored trips
  • promotion on our blog and social media channels
  • high quality photography
  • reviews of destinations, products and/or accessibility 
  • brand ambassadorship 

We can’t wait to hear from you!